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I love partnering with people completely new to yoga. Working with someone as they discover their body's own power and ability is an incredible gift and one I honor by supporting my students with a practice tailored to who they are and the goals they have for themselves. I am currently accepting a small number of private single and group clients.

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Teaching Journey

I was introduced to yoga in high-school while cross-training for my competitive swim team. After every practice the team would do yoga on the deck with towels, instituting a life-long belief that yoga can be done anywhere by anyone.

While I eventually left competitive sports behind and embraced other modes of expression, yoga became fundamental to my life. It grounded both my acting training and my emotional stability in times of significant family and interpersonal upheaval. In these times of deep spiritual reckoning and identity formation, my mat was the safest place I had–where I could be fully myself, both flawed and loved. 

After completing my undergraduate studies in sociology and theater, I immediate sought out a yoga teaching program that married rigorous philosophical studies with a dynamic practice and an intelligent teaching style. YogaWorks, and master teacher Julie Melk, emphasized precision, safety and clarity. Julie articulated the science and intelligence of yoga in a way that spoke deeply to my own sense of the body and how it moved through space. Under Julie’s guidance, I explored and developed my own rigorous practice of inquiry and stillness. I want to keep bodies safe and at the same time facilitate each students unique capabilities and growth.

I began teaching in 2011 and continued my body studies with Julie in New York and Thai Bodywork in Chicago. After teaching for three years in Chicago, IL, sojourning in the Bay area, I now live and teach in Pasadena, CA.

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Where and How

Private instruction is conducted in a non-public space, usually the home of the client, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Contact me through the contact page and we can begin to envision how we can work together. I offer a 50% discount on the first session which includes a both a physical assessment and yoga practice.

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Caitlyn is an intuitive, compassionate yoga teacher, with a helpful balance of sensitivity and insistence, gentleness and drive. She takes the time to understand each of her student’s needs and abilities and adapts everything from a single pose to an entire series of classes for each student’s level. I have been in the same class with experienced yogis and first-timers; she makes us all feel welcome, challenged, and at peace with our practice.
— Heather

Caitlyn’s classes are challenging and fun, with a strong focus on proper allignment. I usually leave class feeling both relaxed and invigorated.
— Betsy