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Facilitate is dedicated to bringing communities of all kinds together, fostering Transformational conversations and cohesive experiences. Have an event idea that you want to execute?

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    Celebrating a rite of passage, fundraising for a cause, or wanting to network in your industry?

    Support Can Include:

    • Event Coordination + Design
    • Program Planning
    • Talent Search
    • Custom Decor Fabrication

    Featured        Event

    Ampersand Dinners

    A New Kind of NEtworking

    "Each of us has a hobby, a family, and a story to tell. Our jobs don't define us. The Ampersand Dinners were created to allow folks to participate in meaningful conversation over a shared meal without revealing their profession. It is not until the end of the meal that you get to reveal what your job is."

    — Elizabeth Eichhorn, founder of Ampersand Dinners

    It's been a joy to work with Elizabeth and support her incredible vision for honest, connected networking. Whether I am hosting a dinner or designing new digital offerings to keep this growing community connected, my work with Ampersand is incredibly fulfilling. If sharing stories over a meal sounds like fun, or even a bit scary, then this is a dinner for you!