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for individuals and groups

Since 2002, my mat has often been the safest place I had, where I could be fully myself. I began teaching (RYT-200, Yogaworks NYC) in 2011. In my yoga sessions I focus on building attunement with your own body to support each student’s unique capabilities and growth goals. I’ve taught in studios, gyms, community centers, places of worship, and in private homes.

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“Caitlyn is an intuitive, compassionate yoga teacher, with a helpful balance of sensitivity and insistence, gentleness and drive. She takes the time to understand each of her student’s needs and abilities and adapts everything from a single pose to an entire series of classes for each student’s level. I have been in the same class with experienced yogis and first-timers; she makes us all feel welcome, challenged, and at peace with our practice.”

— Heather

tctsy facilitation

for individuals and groups

In 2023, I was certified as a RYT-500 TCTSY-F (Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Facilitator) through the Center for Trauma and Embodiment. I incorporate the core principles (invitational language, choice-making, non-coercion, interoception, & shared authentic experience) into both my regular teaching and into designated trauma-sensitive classes.

I often support folks navigating religious trauma and/or spiritual abuse and I love working with people who are new to body-based practices. I provide a reliable support for whatever lifework you find yourself in.

I offer two 8-week closed practice groups each year in addition to private one to one facilitation. Contact me to learn more, or to begin a new practice group with your community.

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moving dialogue

for groups

I use a combination of movement techniques guided by the Six Viewpoints (Mary Overlie & Anne Bogart) and interrogative game-play (Augusto Boal) to foster shared meaning-making with your group. The anti-hierarchical knowledge from Viewpoints and physical insights from Boal help us all to listen for the unheard and find new narratives together. Moving Dialogue does not require any experience with body-based practices and can be created with people of all abilities.

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