I make space for people to flourish.

I’m a facilitator. Whether I am crafting a strategy, producing an event, directing a performance, or officiating a service, my goal is to serve those around me by holding the space and managing the details so they can be present for the work they need to do. In my writing and professional life my goal is the same: provide a structure in which others can discover and grow.

My Method

Curious, contemplative, collaborative.

I have found that the best art, and our greatest capacity for change and beauty, comes out of vulnerability that is honored with abiding trust and safety by your community.

I fundamentally believe the value of discovery and rehearsal, within the liturgical year and our everyday lives.

Faith, like a good script, is something to be enacted. Without illumination by our bodies through tangible action, of what use is a faith?

Our lives find their deepest in community with each other and the saints.

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